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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 today is wednesday april 6th. weddesday april today is &p 3 today is wednesday april 6th.
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50 at 97 map ravens fans, cross your fingers... the n-f-l lockout heads to coort today.attorneys for tom brady, drew brees and othhr players are set o argue before a u-s district judge. judge.megan gilliland is livee with more on how this could save the 2011 season.
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good morning patrice,it's been 26 days and counting... of this n-f-l lockout.and now the players are arguing, that it needs to end right away, because it's causing them, quote, irreparable harm. harm.and for all you ravens fans, hoping to see flacco throw another beauty like this, today's hearing rings ásomeá hope that we could be 3 ready for some football this fall. at the least, it'll set a timetable for ow long this lockout will last.again, the players are asking for the lockout to be lifted today... of course two sides to every story.the league contends... this reeuest should not be heard, until the national llaor relations board weighs in on it'sá claim, that the players untion negiotiated in bad faith.but in the end.. the fans say they're the ones getting hurt. 1920 we buy season tickets. we buy a lot of gear. i paid for this. this is all money that goes to the nfl. can't we all just get along and ave some football. that's all we want. we want football we pay good money for it and we wanna see
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it 32 today is the first time the two sides will meet inncourt, sincc the lockout was imposed more than three weeks ago. unforttnately for all you football fans, there haveebeen no fresh talks of settliig any time soon. ábutá, and there is a but, if the lockout is lifted today in court... the players say it'll save the 2011 season.the judge could makeeaadecision as early as, there is one more little but, if it would go that way... there could be megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 ú we have more this &pmorning on a story you saw first on fox.the mayor is now calling for aa investigation into convicted criminals... still on the city payroll. payroll. if you'rr a city worker in trouble with the & may not be in trouble with the city. city.last weee, police arrested michal lucas... a
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supervisor at the city's public works department...and charged him with assault. it was his second arrest in a yearr he earlier pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from two young men. lucas reported the incidents to the city... which is required for workers in but therees no policy - barrrng them from returning to work. and that has some citt leaders raising questions.. 3 "i do take the concerns raised we're going to look into it."d - it." "common sense would tell me he shouldnt be ack at work and it's ludicrous and it's asinine to think he should be able to return to work sooquick" quickly." the city's policy first came into question last month when we discovered that 6 of the 13 cityyworkers arrested for ddinking and gambling on the job.... had criminal reccrds. and a report from the city's inspector general is citing yet another employee with a tuuns out the city hired an the housing department ... even though he had a rap sheet conspiracy. release video of a brutal
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attack... hoping someone can help find the crooks who assaulted a man. man.the video shows 2 men jumping a gas station attendent throwing him to the ground.where he's pulled out of frame, the man is shot in the head and robbed. robbed. it happened back on february 18th at carroll fuel on route 0, in catonsvilll. if you have any information.... you're asked to call metro rimestoppers at 1-866-7 ock up. the johns hopkins university student who was hit bb a car while riding his bike near campus last february... p áis notá expected to recover.the family of nathan krasnopoler released a statement yesterday... saying the brain damageehe received in the accident at an intersection on unnversity parkway ... appearssto be permanent.krasnopler was hit by an 83-year-old woman turning into a driveway.he has been in a coma ever since. &pfunerallplans are underway fo a lutherville teen, who died in australia.cameron o'neill
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mullin died yesterday during saint paul school or girls." she wassthrown from an inflatable tube at a water park.the head of saint paul says the entire campus is grieving. 3 there is less than a eek left in the legislative session... and state lawmakers are still bickering o'malley to decide if inmates - serving life sentences... should be paroled. under current laa... the governor has the final say on all cases. but he's refused to approve parole for anyone... even though the parole commission has recommended their release.the biil being debated would force the governor to take action within he doesn't act... the inmates would automatically be released.but some lawmakers... want those álifersá to stay right where they are. (sophocleus) "the governor says no or he says no, you stay wherr you are. these are not good people, these are crim" criminals."(anderson) "and att somm point in time, 25 yyars down the road it may be safe to release them if a parole
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commission makes that decision." decision." the house will resume its debate on the parole biil today. 3&there's a good chance you'll soon pay more for your beer or wine.a house committee is expected to vote today on a measure that would phase in a 3- percent hike in the alcohol sales tax ovvr the next three years.the state senate already passed the bill.but some delegates want that increase to kick in all at once. (demarco) "the three percent right away would save many more lives by reducing more underage drinkinggand alcohol abuse, reducing drunk driving, it would be a big public hhalth victory to do three percent right now." from the state budget ... to the national one.a new republican budget plan for á20-12á adds more heet to the fiery debate over this year's budget. 3it calls for more than 6-trillion dollars in cuts ... but right now democrats and republicans can't agree on áthisá year'ssplan..f nothing's passed... a government shutdown begins friday.the president refuses
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to sign another bbdget extensioo... unless congress reaches an agreemenn n a fiscal plan. obama says: "what we are not off something thht should haae - been done several months ago." ago." boehner says: "we don't have a revenuu problem, we have a speeding prrblem and we belleve cutting spenddng will help create jobs in america." america."g-o-p leaders insist on at least 66-billion dollars in cuts.the president is planning to meet with congrrssional leaders later today. a small breakthrough in japan... where workers aa thee fukushima nuclear power plant think they've stopped a reactor leak. leak.workers have plugged the crack... by injecting a substance similar to liquid glass.theyybelieve it could stop any more addoactive water from gushing into the pacific cean. as the natt-led international military operation continues to enforce a no-fly zone over libyan airpace... rebel forces on the grounddsay the western coalition is not aking good on the promises of support they wwre promised before the
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airstrikes greg black explains... a former us lawmaker is now saying he will travel to the region to try and meet with moammar gadhafi. gadhafi. fighting continues in libya, lossng more 3
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ten feet of disaster in new york, is coming to towson. joel d. mith is live at the providence volunteer fire company where a section of the world rade center is getting a nee home. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) 3
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a rhode island woman falls victim to a thief
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not once... but twice... .. note from theeperson who ran
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up a bill on her stolen credit . card.the thiee not only charged 24-hundred dollars to the woman's card... but then went online and ordered her 65 dollars worth of flowers... and had them delivered to her house with a "thank you" card. psomeone had the nerve to steal someone's card and then saa "thank you?" - butt to - "they can break the laa, they can rob people and then insult ttem on top of that." police are working on tracking down the thief. the woman says he fears for her safety... now that the crook knows her address. coming up on the early edition... the right to bear arms... on campus? campus?i have a concealed handgun permit for virginia and i elieve that should be able tt carry on campus. find out why some george mason university students say the ((break 1)) 3
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map providence 3
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still to come... the fight for guns on george mason university's campus is causiig a sttr.'s not smart, maybe somebody will go crazy and start ssooting for no reason. reason.why one groups says... it's a good idea. idea.and oil isn't the nly thing spiking in price!find out why gold is a á shiningá example of a good investment , right now. ((bump out))
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the right to bears arms... on campus?that's the question of the week on the campus of george mason karen parks tells us... some students say they should have the right to carry a concealed weapon on officials say they'll listen ... but still stand firm... on heir policy... policy... straight ahead...
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all that glitters áisá gold! find out why it's a great investment righttnow! now!aad boeing's troubbes &paren't stopping southwest fro
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doing business with many new jets... they're ordering... ((break 3)) unrest in libya may
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have oil prices on the rise... but that's not all... and diamond foods eats up another major chip brand... dennis kneale has all your latest business headlines.... 3 forget about coming up...
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if you're used to burning the midnight oil at the job... stay research says... it could kiil yyu! your fingers, the n-f-l lockout heads to court today. i'm megan gilllland, what the players are asking that could help save the season. so you closed your savings account
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and buried all your money. yeah, my savings weren't growing, too many traps and fees, it's better off in a hole in the ground. where's the hole ? i got a map. where's the map ? it's tattooed on my back.


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